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Bargain travel shopping across India

Bargain travel shopping across India

Each city is known for it’s unique buys and offers it’s own deals. Know what bargains you can get when you’re travelling to different places in India.

There are some great bargains to be enjoyed as you travel across the country. We ask travel junkies what’s on their shopping list to bring you a handy guide comprising of what you should shop for when you visit these cities.

Hyderabad: Pearls & Jewellery
Anandita Ahuja tells us, “Apart from gorging on the Biryani and taking some home with you, make sure you shop for pearls while in Hyderabad. Not only will you find a lot of variety in terms of size, shape and quality, but they are also much cheaper than most other cities in India. But, if you are looking for jewellery that is even cheaper, head to Laad Bazaar to buy bangles. Shop after shop ensures that you are spoilt for choice and remember to always bargain.”

Pondicherry: Handmade items
Ananya Bahl tells us, “While in Pondicherry, don’t forget to stock up on all things handmade. Right from handmade paper notebooks, lamps and lampshades, there is a lot to buy. A lot of the diaries and lampshades make for great gifts, so be sure to stock up. For scent lovers, there’s an exhausting variety of handmade soaps, incense sticks and essential oils. Also pick up some cotton clothes. Because of it’s close proximity to Coimbatore, the cotton garments are especially soft. There are a lot of export houses in Pondicherry, so keep your eyes open for stalls and outlets that sell export surplus garments. They are of great quality and come for a fraction of the price.”
Travel writer Raul Dias adds, “Whenever I’m travelling to Pondicherry, I make it a point to make a pit stop in Auroville to stock up on a variety of artisanal cheese made and sold on-site that is so reasonably priced.”

Jodhpur: Scroll paintings
Arnaz Dhanbhoora tells us, “I loved Jodhpur because of the brilliant artefacts and handmade products you get there. The entire city is filled with colour and you get things at local bazaars for really great prices. You have to pick up the Bhandhej scarves and stoles – they’re incredibly colourful and very pretty. There’s a fair share of great spices and tea but if you want to pick up something unique for someone, you should pick up one of the traditional scroll paintings. They have adorable miniatures of them so you can pick up and carry lots to gift friends and family. I personally also picked up lots of jewellery, especially ones with stone work and some mother of pearl earrings with hand-painted animals on them. You get bags and wallets too but you should look for their paper cutters – they’re colourful, hand painted and worth picking up.”

Kalimpong: Cheese
Ryan Vaz tells us, “Personally, I’d buy a lot of cheese from there and of course the dallay chillies. But, good souvenirs that I haven’t seen a lot of in other cities are the handmade paper. They’re really pretty and tough enough to make things out of. Also there’s a variety of clothes and jewellery that are cheap and very attractive. The knives and bone items are definitely worth picking up too. The place is really famous for their handicrafts so you should pick some up. You can also buy thangkas if you like art – they’re special Buddhist cloth paintings.

Ahmedabad: Shoes
Raj Goswami tells us, “Ahmedabad, especially the old city, is known for its textiles and clothes – after all, the city was once known as the Manchester of the East. However, while the trade of textiles and clothes is still thriving, the one place that is absolutely worth shopping at is the Chappal Bazaar located in the Paldi area. You won’t find it on any map, but ask any one in the city and they’ll guide you to the place. There you’ll find a number of footwear options for men and women. The amount of money you spend here will depend on your bargaining skills, but it still won’t be too much.”

New Delhi: Clothing
Anuj Saxena tells us, “Budget shopping and Delhi mean one thing – Paharganj. The area is located right outside the New Delhi railway station and from clothes and bags to footwear, you’ll find a number of cheap shopping options. The area has a lot of hotels so you’ll find a lot of touristy stuff such as mementos and posters too. Another place to shop in Delhi is Chandni Chowk which is divided into many sub-sections and where it is possible to bargain.”

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