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Baking equipment for beginners

Baking equipment for beginners

If you are just beginning to bake treats at home, here is a list of baking equipment you should consider buying and where you will get them on a budget.

Kitchen timer

Penguin Timer

Buy an adorable penguin-shaped kitchen timer from to get your baking ventures done in a timely fashion. The timer, which can be set for up to 60 minutes, will help you bake for just the right amount of time required.
Price Rs525

Silicon mould

Silicon mould

Need a silicon mould for your cupcakes and chocolates? Pick up this microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe 6-in-one silicon tray from
Price Rs199

Cupcake cases
Buy cases in different patterns, shapes and colours from Arife Lamoulde stores across the city or Cheap Jack in Bandra West. They have a wide variety that changes according to season. So whether it’s Valentines Day, Christmas, a birthday or an anniversary, you’ll find a case that fits the bill.
Price Rs75-100 for a pack of 50-100 cases

Cake marker

Cake Marker (Tala, UK)_www.houseproud.in_Price Rs. 250

You need a cake marker in order to have your cake perfect. Pick one up in your favourite colour from
Price Rs250

Cookie cutters 

Colourworks Set of 5 Square Cookie Cutters  (Kitchen Craft, UK)_www.huseproud.in_Price Rs. 500 (1)

Cookie cutters can be used not only for your cookies but also to make shapes out of marzipan and fondant to decorate your cakes with. Pick this colourful set of five up from
Price Rs500

Measuring cups

Set of 4 Melamine Measuring Cups (Tala, UK)_www.houseproud.in_Price Rs. 899

Another must-have for beginner bakers are measuring cups. We love this simple set of four from
Price Rs899

Silicon whisk

Multi Coloured Silicone Whisk (Tala, UK)_www.houseproud.in_Price Rs. 650

We know you’ve probably already got an electric whisk (if not, go ahead and get one) but you need a hand-held one for certain mixtures as well. Pick this one up from Rs650

Cake decorating set

Cake decorating set

Pick up this piping bag with its set of eight different nozzles that will help you ice cakes, cupcakes and cookies with absolute ease. It’s available at a great price on
Price Rs539

Baking sheets 

Baking sheet

Lining your tins with butter paper means you’ll have to invest in a lot of butter. Instead, get a baking sheet roll. It’s non-stick and can be used in microwaves as well as in your oven.
Price Rs475



Pick up a set of ramekins from to make the cutest individual soufflés and desserts.
Price Rs595 for 4

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