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Apps for deals on eBooks

Apps for deals on eBooks

Spending too much money on your hobby? Use these apps to learn when prices fall. We’ve also listed a few sources for free eBooks that you probably didn’t know existed.

Reading can be an expensive hobby, but it’s too tempting, with books now easily available over the internet. But there are ways to use this to your advantage, too. A number of apps today offer deals on eBooks, so you can get your share of reading material for free or at hugely discounted rates. There are currently two types of apps. The first will notify you when your selection of books goes on sale or drops to a certain price, while the second points you to the cheapest offerings on online retailer Flipkart. Some of these apps are not tailored for India and so they’ll show foreign currencies or eBooks in foreign stores. For example, some look up the US and UK Kindle stores, so you’ll have to have an account with these online book stores (as well as a credit card) in order to take advantage of a price cut.

Book Deals & Sale
This app is restricted only to Flipkart and brings you deals on books and eBooks available at the online retailer. You can search through the e-retailer’s selection of books, and can also make purchases via the app.
Available on: Android

eBook Price Tracker
eBook Price Tracker lets you shop for Kindle eBooks only. You can set it up to track the prices of books you add to your wish list. When the prices drop you are notified. It’s as simple as that. There is a paid version of this app which will cost you Rs100, but the free version has ads and a few limitations, such as a cap on the number of books you can have in your wish list – you can only track three books at a time. The app only works in the US and UK Kindle stores, so you’ll have to have a US or UK Kindle account.
Available on: Android

BookBargain Free & Cheap books
This app offers a slightly wider range of reading material and sources the best prices on eBooks from the iBooks, Google Play, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook stores. It also directs you to free Kindle eBooks from the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy stores. Here too you can set up a wish list for the books you want. It also supports push notifications for when it finds you a book bargain and you can search for the best prices on online stores around the world.
Available on: Android and iTunes

Kindle Book Deals
Kindle Book Deals for Windows Phone users gives the best eBook deals on the Kindle store each day and draws in data from Amazon’s Kindle Daily Deals. You can filter results by genre, but the app doesn’t point you to free eBooks. However, you’ll need a separate Kindle for Windows Phone app to read the books you download.
Available on: Windows

50000 Free Ebooks & Reader
This app is several things bundled into one package. It acts as an eReader and you can import your eBooks to read within the app, but it also provides access to its app store so you can discover and download eBooks. The app store is said to have over 50,000 free eBooks across 23 categories.
Available on: Android

Free Books – 23,469 classics
This app gives you access to 23,469 classic books for free, plus a fully featured eReader. The classics available range from letters of leaders to Shakespear’s plays, and other content that has passed on into the public domain.
Available on: iTunes

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