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Airlines slash fares by up to 50%

Airlines slash fares by up to 50%

The fare war has begun again and you can find flight tickets at a discount of up to 50% with prices as low as Rs2,299*. The sale will be available only for a short duration.

Don’t delay any longer if you are looking to book your flight ticket at a good price. Airlines such as SpiceJet, GoAir, IndiGo and Air India have all launched their sales where you can get discounts up to 50% on your bookings. The discounts are available on all domestic sectors and the only condition applied is that your travel dates should be a minimum of 30 days after you book your tickets. Here’s what discount you can get from each airline:

Last updated on January 24, 2014.

The low-fare airline has decided to cut its airfares by 50% till January 23, 2014. To avail the discount, bookings should be made 30 days prior to your travel dates. Flight tickets from Mumbai to Bangalore start from as low as Rs1,902 under this offer.

Mirroring SpiceJet’s sale, IndiGo has slashed its ticket prices by up to 50% for 30-day advance purchases on its online booking portal. The discount is applicable on the ticket’s base fare and fuel surcharge. The sale is valid only till midnight of January 23, 2014 for flights leaving before April 15, 2014. A Mumbai to Delhi flight will only cost you Rs3,579 if you book under this offer.

The low-cost carrier is offering fares from Rs2,507 on 60-day advance purchases only. No booking dates have been specified, however, the sale is available on a limited number of seats only and can be withdrawn without prior notice.

Air India
The only full service carrier to participate in the sale as of now, Air India is offering discounts on all its domestic networks till midnight of January 24, 2014. The period of travel applicable for this sale has to be from February 21 to April 15, 2014. The discount can be availed on Air India’s website, booking offices, travel websites and from trip agents.

Jet Konnect
The low-cost carrier from Jet Airways’ has launched an offer where you can get up to 50% off on your airfare if you book before midnight of January 24, 2014. The discount is applicable only on the base fare. Like other airlines, the sale is valid only on 30-day advance bookings and before April 15, 2014.

Here are the current one-way fares for these sectors on March 15, 2014.

Sector Air India GoAir IndiGo SpiceJet Jet Konnect
Mumbai to Delhi Rs3,579 Rs3,529 Rs3,579 Rs3,579 Rs3,579
Mumbai to Bangalore Rs2,300 Rs2,299 Rs2,300 Rs2,300 Rs2,300
Mumbai to Kolkata Rs3,664 Rs6,288 Rs3,664 Rs6,708 Rs3,664
Delhi to Bangalore Rs3,907 Rs3,905 Rs3,906 Rs3,906 Rs3,907
Delhi to Kolkata Rs3,356 Rs3,305 Rs3,355 Rs3,355 Rs3,356
Bangalore to Kolkata Rs4,725 NA Rs6,572 Rs6,572 Rs4,552

*for a Mumbai to Bangalore flight.
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