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Samsung’s freebies with the Galaxy S5

Samsung’s freebies with the Galaxy S5

There is currently a deal running on the Samsung Galaxy S5 worth Rs5,000 off on accessories and gadgets purchased from the Samsung India eStore till May 31, 2014.

Here’s how it works
– You have to purchase the GS5 from the eStore
– When you receive it, insert your SIM card into the phone
– Within 72 hours you’ll receive a voucher code (worth Rs5,000) as an SMS
– When purchasing a subsequent product on the eStore you can use the voucher code at checkout to avail the discount

Terms and conditions
– You must purchase the phone and insert your SIM in it on or before May 31
– The Galaxy S5 can be purchased online or at any store
– You can redeem the coupon code on or before June 15, 2014
– You can only redeem the code on the Samsun eStore
– The code is valid for all products in the phones, tablets, accessories and wearables categories
– The discount is valid on purchases of less than Rs5,000
– The discount is only valid once and cannot be carried forward in case of purchase worth less than Rs5,000
– The voucher code can be redeemed on purchase of multiple products

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