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Steps to get your tax refund back

Steps to get your tax refund back

If you’ve paid your taxes and filed your returns, encountering a delay in receiving your tax returns can be a nuisance. Here’s what you can do if you haven’t received yours.

After being in the enviable position of the government owing you money, it can be frustrating to have you’re tax refund stuck for some reason. In such an event, you should first check your refund status. There are eight possibilities and you need to tackle each one differently.

No e-Filing has been done for this assessment year
If you’ve filed your returns in the physical form, there could be a lag in reconciling paper filings with returns filed electronically, causing the delay. Patience is all we can advise in this case.

Refund Paid
This means your address with the IT department is incorrect, which is why it shows your status as ‘paid’ when you haven’t received the refund cheque. You can cross-check the Speed Post reference number for your refund cheque with your local post office and ask them why the cheque hasn’t reached you. You will get the reference number from the NSDL – TIN website.

If your address has changed after you’ve filed your IT return then you can correct it online at or contact your Assessing Officer (AO) and inform them in writing about the change of address.

Not Determined
This means that your refund request is still being processed. The delay could be either at the IT department or at the bank that’s processing the refund. Be patient and make sure you’ve sent the ITR-V within 120 days of e-Filing.

ITR processed, refund determined and sent out to Refund Banker
You will see this status if you have not explicitly requested a refund while filing your IT returns. You are allowed to revise your return with the refund request included in it if your return hasn’t been processed yet.

No demand, No refund
If this is your refund status, then the bank account that you submitted to the IT department has changed, hence the refund hasn’t reached you. If your bank account has changed since you filed your returns, send your new account number and MICR code to your Assessing Officer. The AO will instruct SBI to issue a new cheque to the new account.

Contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer
This status means that the IT department doesn’t have enough information and needs additional documentation from your end to process your refund request. If you see this status then you must contact the Assessing Officer for your region without delay. You may even call the AO. However, we recommend that you write to the AO and request a written acknowledgement from him. This will help maintain a record.

Refund Unpaid
Your refund has been rejected, as the amount of refund requested by you didn’t tally with the amount calculated by the IT department. However, keep in mind that whenever the IT department rejects information that you provide, they always send a notice explaining the problem.

Demand determined
This is a status you don’t want to see. It means that not only has your refund request been rejected, you are now liable to pay more tax. You should expect a notice from the IT Department with the exact amount of outstanding tax. Check your original refund request. If you find no errors, you should file a rectification supporting your refund claim.

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