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Health insurance plans for diabetics

Health insurance plans for diabetics

India has the dubious distinction of being the diabetes capital of the world. Yet, you’ll find it difficult to find health policies that cover it. So which are the exceptions?

Diabetes affects millions in India. But look at the list of ailments most insurers’ exclude from their plans, diabetes is usually on top of the list. In fact, until a few years ago, you had no option but to foot the bills yourself in case you were suffering from diabetes. Since then, a couple of insurers have introduced such plans, with at least one other (Apollo Munich) soon to introduce a plan. Here we tell you about the plans that will cover you for this ailment. Both plans are designed specifically for diabetes cover. So if you, for example, are hospitalised on account of say, dengue, you cannot make a claim against this policy. On this plus side, by keeping the two plans separate, insurers are also willing to charge a lower premium, have no waiting period, and allow you to take cover of up to Rs5 lakh exclusively for this disease.

Diabetes Safe from Star Health Insurance
This plan specifically covers type II diabetes and complications arising in the kidneys, feet and eyes on account of it. This policy is specifically for people who have the disease, so there’s no waiting period; you are supposed to buy it after you have the disease. However, there’s an age restriction. You need to be a minimum 26 years and you can only buy it until you’re 65. Also, there are caps on how much you can spend (no more than Rs2500 on a room each day you’re hospitalised). The plan will cover pharmacy costs and doctor’s fees. Coverage is from Rs1 lakh to Rs5 lakh. The company says that no one over the age of 70 will be covered, but with the new IRDA rules, this should soon be changed. As this plan won’t cover anything but diabetes and related illnesses, the premiums are lower than they are with comprehensive plans, though the cost of insurance may go up if you’re are more at risk.

Gender: Male, Coverage: Rs3 lakh
Premium at 35: Rs2300
Premium at 45: Rs3135
Premium at 55: Rs4180

Diabetes Care from ICICI Prudential
Diabetes Care also from ICICI Prudential Life Insurance covers type II diabetes, a few diabetes-related illnesses and other critical illnesses (bypass surgery, cancer, end-stage renal failure, heart attack, organ transplant and stroke). If you’ve taken the policy before you have any of the diseases, you get a lump-sum immediately after being diagnosed with it. So it’s very much like a critical illness plan sold by a life insurer. But here you also get reimbursed for hospitalization. So all regular tests are free for the first four years, major surgery on account of any of the diseases, such as cost of amputations, would be paid for. Here, too, coverage is available for up to Rs5 lakh. This plan is more expensive, but covers you for five diseases other than diabetes and is wider in scope for diabetes as well.

Gender: Male, Coverage: Rs3 lakh
Premium at 35: Rs10,023
Premium at 45: Rs14,319
Premium at 55: Rs21,294

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