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Gold prices in India

Gold prices in India

The gold rate is different from the rate at which it is sold. Here's a look at current prices at banks and jewellers across the country. This list was last updated on May 26, 2014.

Last updated on May 26, 2014.

Bank rates

Bank 2gms 5gms 8gms 10gms
ICICI Bank NA Rs16,001 Rs25,412 Rs31,702
Bank Of Baroda Rs6,102 Rs15,046 Rs24,098 Rs30,104
Bank Of India NA Rs14,670 Rs24,423 Rs29,246
Union Bank of India Rs5,877 Rs14,441 Rs23,005 Rs28,715
HDFC Bank NA Rs14,414 NA Rs28,542
Kotak Mahindra Bank NA Rs16,187 Rs25,682 NA
State Bank of India Rs5,947 Rs14,606 Rs23,378 Rs29,178
IndusInd Bank NA Rs15,648 NA Rs31,042

Jeweller rates

Jeweller 2gms 5gms 8gms 10gms
Coin Bazaar Rs6,612 Rs15,473 Rs26,569 Rs30,947
Carat Lane Rs6,372 Rs13,993 Rs24,735 Rs30,857
PC Jewellers Rs6,070 Rs14,800 Rs23,600 Rs29,500
Gitanjali Rs7,167 Rs17,866 Rs24,799 Rs35,933
Popleys Rs8,228 Rs16,429 NA Rs32,846
Myra Rs6,974 Rs16,921 Rs26,921 Rs33,605

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