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Entering your debit card PIN can be risky

Entering your debit card PIN can be risky

It is compulsory to enter your debit card PIN when you shop. But is this really safer than before? Be sure to take precautions while entering you PIN.

In a move by the RBI, all point-of-sales (POS) outlets which accept payment via debit card have to follow certain data security standards. It is mandatory for shoppers to enter their personal identification number (PIN) each time they swipe their debit card when shopping for, say, electronic items or groceries. But is it really safe to enter your PIN in plain view of others?

Added security
Earlier, if your card was stolen, it could be used to shop, as such activity didn’t require authentication when making debit card purchases. This step was put in place to reduce the incidence of theft and fraud. It is intended to act as an extra layer of security when using your debit card.

Possible risk
While entering your PIN in plain view of other people may make you feel uncomfortable, is it really risky to do so? Some POS offer you privacy when entering your PIN. But what if the place at which you are shopping requires you to enter it in plain sight? You should take certain precautions (see below) while entering your debit card PIN.

• Don’t share you debit card PIN with anyone, including the sales person or waiter
• Always enter the PIN yourself
• Do not use the machine if anything seems unusual
• Make sure no one sees your PIN while you are entering it. Cover the dial pad with your other hand
• If possible, don’t give your debit card to anyone. If you must hand it over, check that the card you’ve got back is indeed your card

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