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Credit-a-bill cards

Credit-a-bill cards

Did you know that your credit card could help you save on your mobile bills?

Nearly all credit cards give some form of rewards for using them. While the interest rates and credit limits for most credit cards are more or less the same, the key differentiators are the points they offer as rewards.

Most cards offer rewards for frequent flying, shopping, fuel consumption and payment of utilities bills. Amongst the most popular are ‘Fuel Cards’, which give reward points on fuel consumption.

Two cards in particular are tailored to give you maximum benefits on another major monthly expenditure – mobile bills. They are the Vodafone Citibank Credit Card and ICICI Bank Airtel Card. Using them can prove extremely beneficial, especially if you have very high mobile bills.

Vodafone Citibank Credit Card

This card gives you 3 reward points for every transaction worth Rs100 on a Vodafone service – bill payments, handsets, connections or even recharges.

Further more you get 2 reward points for Rs100 spent on other items such as clothes, shoes, jewellery, petrol, groceries, etc.

Each point you earn is worth one rupee and the points get debited directly to your Vodafone bill account.

ICICI Bank Airtel Credit Card

Unlike the previous card, this one gives just 2 reward points for a transaction of Rs100. However, if you set a standing instruction for your bill payment then you get an additional point, i.e. 3 points. This card also gives only one point on Rs100 for other purchases.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two:

Vodafone Citibank* ICICI Bank Airtel
Points for mobile payment 3 points for Rs100 Vodafone bill payment 2 points for Rs100 Airtel bill payment
General points Rs2 for every purchase of Rs100 Rs1 for every purchase of Rs100
Others 500 points free on subscription 3 points for Rs100 of Airtel bill payment through standing instruction

*This card may not be available in all regions.

How it works

Let’s assume that you get a monthly mobile bill of Rs1,000, your parents get a bill of Rs1,000 each, and all of you use the same mobile service provider. Your monthly family bill amounts to Rs 3,000. If you use one of these cards to pay all three mobile bills, you will earn Rs90 a month through reward points. This adds up to Rs1,080 a year. So effectively, you will save one month’s mobile bill.

You can use these cards to pay even your relatives’ and friends’ bills to earn more reward points. The rewards are not limited to postpaid connections. Mobile recharges will also earn you the same number of points.

Tips to earn maximum reward points

Spend Smartly To earn more, you don’t have to spend a lot. Most credit cards come with a list of preferred retailers, be it for shopping or dining. Try and spend as much as you can from these retailers.

Use Frequently Again you needn’t spend more to earn more rewards. By ensuring that you use your card for every purchase, you will get a small bang for every buck.

Read the fine print Many credit cards charge various fees and surcharges which most people don’t factor in while analysing a card’s effectiveness. Make sure you do.

These tips hold good not just these two cards but for any reward card you use.

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